Reporting Medical Device: FDA Releases Guidance and Webinar

Introduction: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released final guidance on Medical Device Reporting (MDR) for manufacturers. This guidance provides an overview of the reporting requirements for medical device manufacturers to submit adverse event reports to the FDA. Additionally, the FDA is hosting a webinar to provide further information on the guidance.

What is Medical Device Reporting?

Medical Device Reporting is a system put in place by the FDA to monitor and collect information about adverse events related to medical devices. This information is then used to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of medical devices on the market.

It allows for the collection and analysis of adverse event data related to medical devices, which is essential for identifying potential safety concerns and making informed decisions about device approval and recall. The MDR system is designed to ensure that medical devices remain safe and effective for their intended use throughout their lifecycle.

Who is required to report adverse events?

Medical device manufacturers are required by law to report any adverse events associated with their devices to the FDA. This information helps the agency to identify potential safety issues with devices already on the market and to take necessary actions to protect public health. Manufacturers must also provide ongoing reports on device performance and safety.

The requirements for reporting adverse events?

To ensure timely reporting, manufacturers must report deaths and serious injuries within 30 days of becoming aware of the event, and malfunctions within 60 days. Periodic reports are in requirement annually for Class III devices, biennially for Class II devices. And every three years for Class I devices.

What is the new guidance from the FDA?

The FDA’s new guidance on MDR provides clarification on reporting requirements and recommendations for manufacturers. The guidance includes information on how to identify and report adverse events, as well as how to prepare and submit MDRs to the FDA.

The purpose of the webinar?

The FDA’s upcoming webinar on MDR is in accordance to provide additional information on the guidance and to help manufacturers understand how to comply with the reporting requirements. The webinar will cover topics such as the scope of the reporting requirements, the process for reporting adverse events, and the potential consequences of non-compliance.

Why is it important for manufacturers to comply?

Compliance with MDR requirements is critical for ensuring patient safety and maintaining the quality and effectiveness of medical devices on the market. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in significant legal and financial consequences for manufacturers.

  • Compliance with MDR requirements is crucial to ensure patient safety and avoid adverse events associated with medical devices.
  • Failure to comply with MDR requirements can lead to legal action and reputational damage for medical device manufacturers.
  • Adherence to MDR requirements helps to maintain the quality and effectiveness of medical devices on the market.
  • By reporting adverse events and maintaining compliance, manufacturers can enhance their reputation and build trust with patients and healthcare providers.

How can manufacturers ensure compliance?

Manufacturers can ensure compliance with MDR requirements by familiarizing themselves with the FDA’s guidance and attending the upcoming webinar. They should also have a system in place for identifying and reporting adverse events, as well as a process for maintaining documentation and records related to adverse event reporting.

What does the new guidance cover?

The new guidance covers a wide range of topics related to MDR, including:

  • When to report adverse events
  • What types of events to report
  • How to report events
  • Who is responsible for reporting
  • Recordkeeping requirements

The guidance also provides examples of situations in which reporting is in requirement and offers suggestions for best practices.

How can manufacturers use the new guidance?

Manufacturers can use the new guidance to better understand their MDR obligations and to develop or update their MDR procedures. The guidance provides detail in information on what events should be in reporting and when. As well as instructions for how to report events.

What are the benefits

Complying with MDR requirements can help manufacturers identify and address potential safety issues with their medical devices. It can also help to protect patients from harm and ensure that medical devices are safe and effective.


The new guidance on MDR from the FDA is an important resource for medical device manufacturers. By following MDR requirements and using the new guidance to develop or update their reporting procedures. Manufacturers can help to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their devices. The upcoming FDA webinar on MDR also provides an opportunity for manufacturers to ask questions and receive additional guidance on how to comply with reporting requirements.