Publication Support Services (PSS)

Publication Support Services (PSS)

Publication of research articles in peer-reviewed journals is a critical component of academic and scientific careers. However, the process of preparing a manuscript for publication can be time-consuming and challenging. Publication support services are designed to help researchers and authors navigate the publication process successfully. This article will discuss the importance of publication support services and the different types of services available.

Manuscript Writing and Editing

Manuscript writing and editing services are designed to help researchers and authors prepare their manuscripts for publication. These services include formatting the manuscript according to journal guidelines, editing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and ensuring that the manuscript meets the standards of scientific writing.

Journal Selection in Publication Support Services

Choosing the right journal to submit a manuscript to is critical for its acceptance and success. Journal selection services help researchers and authors identify appropriate journals based on the subject matter of their manuscript, the scope of the journal, and the audience they are targeting.

Peer Review Support

Peer review is a crucial step in the publication process, and it can be challenging to navigate. These review support services are designed to help authors prepare their manuscript for peer review and respond to reviewer comments. These services may include identifying potential reviewers, interpreting and addressing reviewer comments, and preparing rebuttal letters.

Publication Support and Promotion

Publication support and promotion services are designed to help authors maximize the visibility and impact of their research. These services may include creating infographics or videos to promote the research, creating social media posts to disseminate the research, and identifying other avenues for promotion such as conferences or speaking engagements.

Translation Services

Translation services are crucial for authors who are not writing in their native language. These services help authors translate their manuscripts into English or other languages, ensuring that the research is accessible to a broader audience.

Formatting and Graphic Design

The visual presentation of a manuscript can have a significant impact on its readability and accessibility. Formatting and graphic design services help authors create visually appealing and easy-to-read manuscripts by creating tables, figures, and diagrams that effectively communicate the research.

Ethical and Regulatory Compliance

Ethical and regulatory compliance is critical in academic and scientific research. Publication support services ensure that manuscripts comply with ethical standards and regulatory requirements. These services may include ensuring that the manuscript is free from plagiarism, that the research was conducted ethically and that the necessary regulatory approvals were obtained.

Expertise required in Publication Support Services

  • Journal selection
  • Manuscript development
  • Abstract preparation
  • Manuscript Editing & proofreading
  • Cover letter writing/editing
  • Plagiarism check
  • Manuscript submission & resubmission support
  • End-to-end publication support
  • Identification of suitable peer-reviewed journals
  • Development of a publication plan
  • Development of the manuscript structure and outline
  • Drafting the manuscript
  • Literature search and review
  • Quality control of the data and the scientific information
  • Finalization of the manuscript
  • Manuscript submission
  • Develop or execute submission-related documents
  • Scientific writing and publishing online
  • Support in addressing peer review comments

Advantage you should look for

  • Multiple manuscripts published in various peer-reviewed journals
  • Shortlisting the journals
  • Knowledge of ICJME & GPP3 guidelines
  • Vast experience in medical writing across multiple therapeutic areas like oncology, neurology, cardiovascular, psychiatry, respiratory, renal, gastrointestinal, etc.
  • Defined processes for scientific writing thorough medical, editorial, and quality control reviews
  • Well-versed in working with various stakeholders like SMEs, KOLs, and peer reviewers
  • Timely delivery with the highest quality of scientific information & satisfaction
  • Hands-on experience in deploying the applicable tools, for example, reference management, etc.


In conclusion, publication support services are essential for researchers and authors to navigate the complex publication process successfully. Manuscript writing and editing, journal selection, peer review support, publication support and promotion, translation services, formatting and graphic design, and ethical and regulatory compliance are all important services that can help authors improve the quality of their research and increase the visibility and impact of their work. By utilizing publication support services, researchers and authors can ensure that their research is presented in the best possible light and reaches the widest possible audience.