Post-Approval Changes Submissions

Post-Approval Changes Submissions

Post-approval changes to pharmaceutical products are common as manufacturers seek to improve production, update labeling, or make other modifications. However, such changes require regulatory approval to ensure patient safety and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. Post-approval changes submissions involve providing updated information to regulatory authorities for review and approval. These submissions are critical to ensuring that products remain safe, effective, and of high quality throughout their lifecycle. Manufacturers must carefully plan and execute these submissions, taking into account the specific regulatory requirements for each region in which their products are marketed. Failure to do so can result in regulatory rejections, delayed approvals, and potential harm to patients.


Medicinal product manufacturers continually seek ways to improve productivity and optimize operational costs by proposing changes to the registered content of medicinal product applications and dossiers. However, before implementation, these changes must be submitted to the respective Health Authority (HA) with supporting data, as outlined in the CMC post-approval Regulatory affairs submissions guidelines. The requirement for prior approval is determined by the impact of the change. Therefore, the Regulatory strategy for post-approval Regulatory affairs changes submission plays a critical role in this phase.

At Templarpharma, our CMC Regulatory affairs team possesses extensive experience and expertise in handling post-approval Regulatory affairs changes submissions to the respective HAs, considering country-specific requirements. We provide support for various types of post-approval changes, including post-approval supplements, amendments, and CMC variations. Our team ensures compliance with regulatory guidelines and facilitates the approval process by collaborating closely with clients to develop customized Regulatory strategies.

Our end-to-end support for successful post-approval changes submissions includes a regulatory assessment of the impact of proposed changes, gap analysis of supporting data and documents, and development of submission-ready dossiers. We also provide ongoing support to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, freeing up manufacturers to focus on enhancing productivity and delivering high-quality medicinal products to patients.

Our expertise in post-approval Regulatory affairs changes submissions helps manufacturers achieve their business goals while remaining compliant with regulatory guidelines. By engaging with Templarpharma’s CMC Regulatory affairs team, manufacturers can be confident in their post-approval changes submissions and benefit from expedited approvals, increased operational efficiency, and optimized productivity.

Templarpharma Expertise Post-Approval Changes Submissions

  • Change in manufacturing site, addition/deletion, or relocation of facilities.
  • Marketing Authorization Holder transfers or changes in ownership structure.
  • Optimization of the manufacturing process, change in the route of synthesis, or equipment modification.
  • Changes in formulation or batch size.
  • Extensive assistance in Post-Approval Changes Submissions.
  • Addition of a new supplier for active substance or changes in existing suppliers or certificates of suitability (CEP).
  • Inclusion of additional sources for starting materials for drug substance manufacturing.
  • Compliance with updated pharmacopoeia monographs for CMC Regulatory requirements.
  • Changes in specifications or analytical methods.
  • Changes in container closure systems and suppliers.
  • Shelf-life extension or reduction of medicinal products.
  • Administrative updates or changes in contact details.
  • Evaluation and management of proposed changes through change control procedures.
  • CMC consulting on submission strategy for proposed changes and supporting documents/data.
  • Development of implementation strategies and timelines for proposed changes.
  • Preparation of supplement, variation, or amendment package for submission.
  • Interaction and follow-ups with Health Authorities for approval and implementation of changes.
  • Ensuring CMC Regulatory compliance of legacy dossiers/submissions with post-approval supplements/CMC variations.
  • Expertise in CMC post-approval Regulatory affairs to facilitate the approval process.
  • Expertise in Post-Approval Changes Submissions affairs and procedures.

What We Assure:

At Templarpharma, we understand that changes to medicinal products are a critical aspect of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Manufacturers frequently propose changes to enhance productivity and reduce operational costs. However, such changes require approval from the respective Health Authorities (HA) and must be supported by appropriate data. Our team of experts in CMC Regulatory affairs provides end-to-end support for post-approval changes submissions, including supplements, variations, and amendments, ensuring compliance with HA guidelines and facilitating the approval process.

We have extensive experience in managing various types of changes. Including changes in manufacturing sites, equipment modification, and optimization of the manufacturing process. We provide guidance on the submission strategy, supporting documents/data, and development of implementation timelines for proposed changes. Our team works closely with clients to develop customized Regulatory strategies to achieve their business goals while remaining compliant with regulatory guidelines.

We provide ongoing support for maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and ensuring CMC Regulatory compliance of legacy dossiers/submissions with Post-Approval Changes Submissions/CMC variations. Our expertise in CMC post-approval Regulatory affairs helps manufacturers streamline their processes, reduce operational costs, and deliver high-quality medicinal products to patients. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your post-approval changes submissions.